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Online summaries of Commedia history, characters, or related sites

Commedia dell'Arte from Wikipedia, the free online Encyclopedia (variable accuracy)

Commedia dell'Carte ( on characters, history, scenarios, links

Commedia dell'Arte article from Winifred Smith's quite accurate 1912 description of Commedia

I Sebastiani - a well-researched Boston-based Commedia Troupe

Roberto Delpiano

Dario Fo

Google site about Commedia’s history and characters

Commedia dell’Arte Italian theatre

Anthony Saunders, historian and author

New World Encyclopedia arte

Judith's first Boston street commedia production

Judith in Korea

Online Information for Workshops, Training, and Performances

The Pandemonium Studio in NYC with Christopher Bayes and Gabriel Levey arte

Dell’Arte International School in Blue Lake, CA.

Faction of Fools in Washington, DC run by Michael Wilson, Francesca Chilcote and Kathryn Zoerb.

Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy, taught by Scott McGehee and guest artists

Manifesto Poetica with Carlos Garcia Estevez and Paige Allerton at LeCoq School in Paris, et al

Commedia by Fava—workshops with Antonio Fava in Reggio-Emilia Italy

and at Fourth Monkey in London, England

Make a Scene theatre arts, led by Rosa Compagnano in Australia

NYU Tisch Summer workshop abroad in Commedia dell’Arte with Jim Calder

Celebration Barn in South Paris, Maine

Commedia Mask Makers Websites

Den Durand, France and Spain

Stanley Allen Sherman:  Mask Arts Companyin NYC

Newman’s Commedia Mask Company in Ubud, Bali and Oregon, US

Specialita’ Veneziane in Italy

Dark Side Masks in Australia

Jonathan Becker at USA

Craig and Zann Jacobrown: The Maskery in WA

Commedia Bibliography

General information on Commedia dell’Arte

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Commedia dell’Arte Scenarios

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Masks and Maskmaking

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Commedia dell’Art and the Masks of Amleto and Donato Sartori (1980) by Alberto Marcia”

Who is Judith Chaffee?

Judith Chaffee, AEA, is Associate Professor Emerita at Boston University, where she was Head of Movement for the School of Theatre and the BU Opera Institute.

With Olly Crick, she co-edited The Routledge Companion to Commedia dell’Arte and narrated two CDs on Period Styles through Insight Media, directed and edited by Joel Asher.

She was a choreographer/dancer/artistic director with Boston Dance Collective for over 20 years, while developing a teaching career in most forms of theatre movement, dance, and opera, and choreographing and directing work throughout New England and abroad.

She studied Commedia with Antonio Fava in Italy, Carlos Garcia Estevez, and Katrien von Beurden in Holland, Avner Eisenberg, and Julie Goell at Celebration Barn, among many others, and has been teaching and performing Commedia dell’Arte for over 25 years.

Judith currently resides on Plum Island, north of Boston where she serves on the Board of Theater in the Open, a 40-year theatre training and performance company specializing in the creative reimagining of classical works and comedies.