Workshops with Judith Chaffee.

Prof. Chaffee has studied Commedia dell'Arte with Antonio Fava at the International School of Comic Acting in Reggio Emilio, Italy, and with Julie Goell, Hovey Burgess, and Stanley Allan Sherman at the Roving Classical Commedia University; physical comedy with Avner the Eccentric at Celebration Barn in South Paris, Maine; Meyerhold physical theatre technique with Nikolai Karpov and Gennadi Bogdanov at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) in Moscow; and stage combat with Gregory Hoffman of the Society of American Fight Directors in Las Vegas. Most recently, she studied Viewpoints and Suzuki with Anne Bogart and SITI, and Action Theatre with Ruth Zaporah. Judith offers Commedia workshops and individual movement-coaching ranging from 2-hour master classes through comprehensive 4-week programs that include scenario development and a final performance. The workshops are based on all major commedia characters and include work with her collection of unique leather masks, hand-made by Signor Fava and by Stanley Allan Sherman.

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